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Challenger® Track Tractors MT862

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  • A MAN 15.2 or 16.2L, 6 cylinder engine powers the MT800 with high torque at low speeds. Plus, it runs smooth and quiet
  • The AccuDrive continuously variable transmission provides big efficiencies and simple operation
  • Choose between a standard 58 GPM hydraulic system or an optional 116 GPM dual-pump, dual-circuit system to meet the needs of any implement
  • The Mobil-trac system provides better traction, reduced slip, and a better ride
  • A customizable multi-function joystic and a convenient 10.4" touch screen terminal put absolute control over your machine right at your fingertips

The MT800 Series inherits common architecture from the Challenger MT700 Series, the most technologically advanced tractor available today. It’s engineered with all the capabilities for which Challenger is known, along with an innovative suite of onboard intelligence upgrades that boost productivity and improve decision-making for your operation.

This machine provided the industry’s first stepless CVT in a tractor with this level of horsepower. The AccuDrive CVT transmission allows for no range changes, optimizes engine power, and maximizes fuel efficiency. Paired together, the MAN engine and stepless CVT transmission automatically regulate and optimize the engine speed, so you get the required amount of power needed, whether you’re going 65 ft/hr or 25 MPH. The tractor management system is the kind of dynamic operating experience you can only get from Challenger.

The MT800 Series has been designed with two things in mind— you, and your business.

Track Tractors MT862
Sale Type
6-cylinder, 15.2 Liter, MAN
Standard 58 GPM ; Optional 116 GPM Dual-Pump, Dual-Circuit
AccuDrive CVT
Engine Hp (kW)
618 (455)

MAN power

An incredibly smooth, quiet, high-torque-at-low-engine speed MAN power plant drives more power to the ground. With an RPM band ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 engine RPMs, and peak torque achieved from 1,000 RPMs.

AccuDrive CVT

The AccuDrive CVT transmission provides optimal coordination with the engine for peak performance and productivity across multiple applications.

A long wheelbase

The superior design of a long wheelbase with four sets of midwheels per side provides improved vehicle balance while distributing the tractor weight over a greater area, effectively reducing the deep compaction that restricts plant root growth.


Assign up to two preset cruise control and engine speeds to seamlessly adjust your ground speed with the easy-to-use Accu joystick.           

Cooler running

An independent, hydraulically controlled variable fan reduces power consumption and provides higher cooling capacity.

Smart Ride Plus (optional)

When equipped with Smart Ride Plus suspension, the MT800 Series features a load-leveling suspension system. With the push of a button in the cab, Smart Ride Plus uses hydraulic pressure in the track suspension elements to raise or lower the front of the machine.

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