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Challenger® TERRAGATOR® Dry TG 8400C

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  • At high or low rates, apply an industry-leading 1,200 lbs. per acre
  • Industry’s simplest operation with no-shift CVT transmission
  • Flexible frame offers a smoother, more efficient ride for less wear and tear on the machine
  • Intuitive and fully integrated AccuTerminal® gives you full machine control

The TerraGator® dry application system is nothing if not precise. With AGCO’s pneumatic boom technology, you’ll make quick work of uneven terrain, wind, and whatever else gets thrown your way.

Sale Type
TG 8400C
Halogen, LED (Opt.)
Leaf Spring
Engine Tier
Tier 4 Final
DEF Capacity
15 Gal (57 L)
ML-260 CVT
Fuel Capacity
155 Gal (586 L)
Liquid System
1800-Gal Tank Up To 85' (25.9) Coverage
Chassis Weight
22000 lbs. (9979 kg)
Road Speed Max
41 mph, 65 kph w/ small tires - 46 mph, 74 kph w/ large tires
Field Speed Max
26 mph, 41 kph w/ Small Tires - 29 mph, 46 kph w/ Large Tires
Pneumatic Dry System
AirMax® Precision - Single Bin - 310 cu ft. / AirMax® Precision 2 - Two Bin - 300 cu ft. / Soilection® TwinBin - Two Bin - 290 cu ft.
Pneumatic Spread Width
70 ft.
Liquid System Flow Rate
16-346 GPM Water, No Nozzles
Engine HP @ 2100 RPM (kW)
365 (272)
Pneumatic Granular Option
AirMax 40 cu.ft. (1.13 m3) / Soilection Dual 25 cu.ft. (0.7 m3)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
13.5 Gal (51 L)

AirMax Precision

Precise to the last pass

With AGCO’s pneumatic boom technology, uneven terrain, wind, inconsistent granular fertilizer and even the laws of gravity don’t stand a chance. Put your product precisely where you want it, no matter what.

  • Single-Bin System: Large capacity for fewer fill-ups and application of a single product or a blend of products.
  • AirMax ® Precision 2: Apply two products at once with customizable application rates. Using the adjustable-split main bin, change the gate configuration to choose 50/50 or 60/40 configurations to efficiently apply multiple products at varying rates with longer runs between reloading.

    Chassis AMP Struck Capacity AMP2 Struck Capacity

    7000/8000 Series

    310 ft.3

    300 ft.3

    9000 Series

    355 ft.3

    345 ft.3
    • Industry-Leading Rates: 25 lbs. per acre up to 1,200 lbs. (544.3 kg.) per acre* is the highest in the industry, whether applying low rates of seed or high rates to potatoes.
    • Spread Pattern: 70 ft. (21.3 m.) with triple-overlap coverage ensures uniform application as independent suspension and keeps the spread pattern at the proper height. 
    • Section Control: Shut down sections of the boom to reduce spread pattern by 50% for less waste, better accuracy and improved environmental stewardship.
    • Optional AutoBoom ® System: Add for even better control of proper boom height as well as avoid ground contact on hills or rolling terrain.
    • Optional Micro Bin: For multi-product prescriptions add the optional 40-cubic-foot (1.13 m³) granular bin for precise application.  Choose from 3 metering wheels to suit your application need.

      Metering Wheel Wheel Color Rate Range* (lb./ac.)
      Low Rate Red 4-30
      Standard Rate Yellow 12-80
      Maxi-Rate White 65-240
      *based on 65 lb. density material applied at a rate of 10 mph.

      Resistant Coating

      • Benefit from years of experience with a new generation of strength where it counts:
      • Oil coolers protected with a Heresite coating proven to prevent corrosion.
      • All fasteners will be stainless steel where possible or if structural hardware, they will have a 525E coating. Salt spray results showed standard fasteners lasted 96 hours before rusting and those with the coating lasted 1,000 hours. 
      • All boom cylinders have a Lion1000 Chrome coating to reduce rust and pitting of the rod which will increase cylinder life by 3.5 times, reducing cost of ownership and increasing the useful life of the machine.
      • Internal O-ring seals improve cylinder life by protecting against corrosive materials.
      • Super Tough coating on hydraulic lines provide high resistance to abrasion and UV exposure along with improved O-rings.
      • These hoses are added in high stress areas to prevent failures and improve lifespan and reduce maintenance of the machine.
      • An XTR (Extreme-Resistance) coating on hydraulic fittings withstands corrosion more than 7 times longer than SAE standard of 96 hours. 
      • Used in applications where connections come in contact with nitrogen-based fertilizers and other aggressive chemicals, standard hose and tube fittings become severely corroded

Optimal spinners, optimal spreads

TerraGator® features industry-proven spinners from New Leader—designed to spread accurately and efficiently every time, all year round.

  • Four MultApplier Ready Models: Featuring wide, tapered sides for quick filling and a spread width of up to 90 ft. (27 m.). In just a couple hours, the liquid system can be easily changed out for a spinner, providing year-round usage and improved ROI.
  • L4500 Edge: This family of spreaders includes many new features to keep this box running accurately for many years, including:
    • New Leader ISO interface for consistent product control regardless of terminal
    • Stainless steel durability with 304 stainless steel sills, cross tubes, mounts, feed gates, spinner jacks, and take-ups for extended box life.
    • Independent spinner speed control for precise and repeatable patterns and the ability to slow one spinner down using the Boundary spread feature to keep product in the field.
    • Feed gate optimizer helps determine achievable rates based on gate height.
    • Automatic belt tension eliminates the guesswork out of setting tension and increases conveyor life.
    • Centrally located front/rear grease banks mean easier access and servicing.
    • Auto-chain oiler system reminds operators of service needs at the end of the day to extend the life of the conveyor.

      40-Gallon/Minute Hydraulic Flow

      Provides the most powerful spinner system available on any high-clearance machine, allowing the TerraGator to function at higher rates and higher speeds.

      • NL5000 G5 Dry Nutrient Applicator: 16-section swath width control saves costs and places product where it’s needed via pinpoint fan-frame positioning, cutting 10–15% of overlap compared to spinner systems without section control.
        •  The G5 applicator provides an excellent return on investment in point rows or tougher conditions (terraces, small fields, rolling ground, point rows).
        • Remote spreading feature increases accuracy for independent left- or right-side spreading by eliminating application to areas where it’s not needed, such as those already covered and headlands.
        •  Last-pass spreading reduces material overlap and allows proper material placement on the last pass across the field.

Challenger® TERRAGATOR® Dry TG 8400C Bins made better

Twin or four bin, you can’t go wrong. The TerraGator® Air Spread makes complex, multi-product application consistently easy.

  • Soilection Twin Bin: This free-flowing system that features a unique distributor head that’s engineered for more consistent application for delivering complex, multi-product applications.
  • Soilection Four Bin: The ultimate system for accurately blending fertilizers, nutrients and chemicals that lets you variably apply multiple products in a single pass to significantly reduce operating costs.
  • Rates: Each bin can individually vary and dispense product rates of 25 lbs. per acre up to 860 lbs. (390 kg.) per acre* while utilizing independent, hydraulic-controlled metering chains for true variable-rate application.
  • Spread Pattern: 70-foot (21.3 m) with double-overlap coverage delivers multiple products faster and more precisely in one application.
  • Section Control: Shut down sections of the boom to reduce spread pattern by 50% for less waste, better accuracy and improved environmental stewardship.
  • Calibration: Coefficient of variation (COV) of 5% or less ensures the most accurate system from the factory. Adjustable settings can lower the COV even further for sensitive crops.
  • Optional Micro Bins: Dual 25-cubic-foot (0.70 m³) micronutrient bins can be added to the twin- or four-bin system to apply up to six products at once.  Five individual gates per bin provide easy rate adjustment to achieve rates of 5-40 lbs. per acre* for your single-pass prescription application.
  • Coating: All fasteners are stainless steel where possible, or they have a 525E coating if structural hardware. Salt spray results showed standard fasteners lasted 96 hours before rusting, while those with coating lasted 1,000 hours.

Choose your chassis

If you have a field, we have the right chassis for you. From less compaction to more horsepower and capacity, our powerful lineup will fit any need—all while maintaining emissions complianc


  • TG7300C/TG8300C/TG8400C: On the AGCO PowerTM 84 AWF engines, AGCO’s selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technology in combination with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (cEGR) achieves Tier IV Final (T4F) emission regulation.

  • TG9300C: Uses the 98 AWF AGCO Power engine, ensuring increased power density and total fluid economy with efficient after-treatment exhaust gases.

Machine operation made easy

No shifting means there’s no simpler transmission to operate than the CVT. Enjoy always perfectly smooth acceleration, constant power to the ground and consistently accurate application—not to mention more comfort for you

  • CVT: Unlike conventional-shifting transmissions, CVT isn’t limited by the number of gears. Simply choose an exact ground speed, engine speed or combination of both, and get firm and continuous traction that minimizes wheel slip and reduces ground disturbance. Plus, with the fewest moving parts of any mechanical transmission in the industry, you get better reliability, longer machine life and greater resale value. 
  • TerraGator Management System (TMS): Maintains an intelligent, electronic link between the engine and transmission, and synchronizes the terrain and load demand—always delivering optimum fuel efficiency


TerraGator frames don’t just offer the strength, capacity and comfort you need to get the job done. They offer a smoother, more efficient ride that reduces wear and tear on the machine—and you.


  • TG7300C/TG8300C/TG9300C: Purpose-built for unyielding strength and unsurpassed payload capacity, comfort and safety. Our chassis is engineered exclusively for off-road ag use, and features single-length, horizontal frame rails made from high-grade, low-alloy steel—reducing metal stress and increasing flexibility over rough, uneven terrain.
  • Frame Rails: 4 in. x 12 in. (10.16 cm. x 30.48 cm.) beams that are induction-heated and pressurized to reduce metal stress, allowing for flex during field operations. (3-wheeler frame image from brochure page 13)
  • Freewheeling Front Axle: Rated capacity of 14,000 lbs., while the three-piece drive line running from the transmission to the rear-drive axles uses maintenance-free universal joints and hanger bearings, reducing maintenance and service time.
  • Front Fork Canter: 3-degree front fork canter assists with a 22-foot turning radius to easily turn within any spread pattern and minimize ground disturbance.
  • Wide-Track Axles: Add this super-rugged, off-road axle design for use with high-floatation tires, and get 42,000-lb. (19,050-kg) rated capacity—the highest in the industry.
  • Rear Axle Drive: Equipped with air-cam-actuated drum brakes that adjust to maintain proper brake settings and reduce maintenance.
  • Paint and Finish: A unique process provides maximum resistance to chemicals, humidity, sun and raw weather conditions.


  • TG8400C: The Longest wheelbase in its class (201 in./510.4 cm.), built exclusively for off-road ag use to provide the stability, strength and balanced ride you need.
  • Double C-Channel Frame Rails: 110,000 PSI yield strength reduces torsional stress so the chassis flexes over rough, uneven terrain, reducing wheel slip in soft fields and providing superior traction in rolling terrain. (4-wheeler frame image from brochure page 13)
  • Heavy-Duty Bolted Cross Members: Provide additional stability to keep the wheels on the ground for maximum power, dependable traction and better fuel-efficiency.
  • Wide-Track Axles: Super-rugged, off-road and designed for use with high-flotation tires, keeping soil compaction to a minimum even with industry-leading 42,000-lb. (19,050-kg) rated capacity.
  • Rear Axle Drive: Comes with air-cam-actuated drum brakes with automatic slack adjustors that maintain proper brake settings and reduce maintenance.
  • Paint and Finish: A unique process provides maximum resistance to chemicals, humidity, sun and raw weather conditions.
  • Leaf Springs: Fatigue-reducing heavy-duty, multi-leaf, front- and rear-variable leaf springs and rear auxiliary springs

Your operation’s competitive advantage

Find the latest technology inside every RoGator®. The intuitive, fully integrated AccuTerminal® gives you full machine control—from the chassis and steering to data management and system functionality—all while decluttering your space with a single screen.

  • TerraGator Guide System: Integrated into the AccuTerminal for easy one-terminal control, and providing a comprehensive guidance system with waylines such as:
    •  AB or A+ heading
    • Contour
    • Pivot
    • Contour segments
    • Adaptive curve 
      AgControl®: While ensuring highly accurate rate control and quickly achieving rate, manage up to five products via straight rate or Rx maps and create coverage maps, as-applied maps and task reports for fast and easy document reporting. 

      TaskDoc® Wireless Data Transfer: Manage your application data as it records as-applied data, weather data and field data including boundaries, waylines, and obstacles.

      Weather Station Data: View the latest weather information and record data as a snapshot in time or throughout the field and use it for documentation of the application.

Standard NovAtel 7 Receiver

A rugged, self-contained GNSS receiver and antenna with GPS and SBAS support. Base GPS option is SBAS but can be upgraded for higher accuracy levels.

Optional Trimble AG-482 Solution

A high-performance, dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS smart antenna receiver for very high levels of accuracy and performance. Base correction source is SBAS but can be upgraded for higher accuracy levels. (Show Trible chart)

TaskDoc® Wireless Data Transfer: Manage your application data as it records as-applied data, weather data and field data including boundaries, waylines, and obstacles.

Weather Station Data: View the latest weather information and record data as a snapshot in time or throughout the field and use it for documentation of the application.

Choose the ProTechi package with AgControl that offers LiquidLogic or SpreadLogic standard. ProTechi is easy to use with rate and section control, integrating seamlessly between software, pump, plumbing system or dry conveyor and fan speed, including all chassis functions

Take your technology to the next level

If you’re looking for the ultimate in cab and machine technology, look no further than the ProTech+ package.

Viper ® 4+: Offering the ultimate combination of operating power and program capabilities:

  • 10-product variable rate application (VRA)
  • Real-time data mapping
  • Record keeping
  • Intuitive touchscreen control
  • High quality graphics
  • Raven AccuBoom™
  • Previous coverage application zones
    Raven Product Control Node: CAN-based product controller, providing 16 section control from the factory regardless of boom width. Upgrading through parts to the rate control module (RCM) provides 36-section control for a cost effective way to add sections for even better control in areas with ample point rows.

RS1 Guidance Technology

Fully scalable steering solution that combines Slingshot, GPS and auto steer into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit with incredible accuracy at both high and low speeds


Suite of connected hardware, software and logistical services that optimize planning, executing and recording field applications. This system delivers high levels of connectivity to RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities and live in-field support and service.

  • Enables remote software updates and management capabilities.
  • Send VRA maps to and from the field making office work more efficient and eliminating costly down time caused by file problems.
  • Allows remote support to see exactly what the operator sees, making issue identification much more efficient and accurate.
  • Includes 1-year free Silver subscription.

Job Generator

Fast and simple way to set up nearly all parameters of an operation ahead of time and send it out to the machine. 

job Sync

Harnesses Slingshot to allow multiple machines to collaborate on a job simultaneously or days apart—a powerful tool that practically eliminates the potential for overlap or misapplication between multiple machines in the same field.

AgSync Ground

Flexible and scalable tool that leverages Slingshot’s data transfer power to streamline otherwise complex tasks, such as work order management, dispatch and asset control, reports and notifications, and filing data management.

Weather Station Data: View the latest weather information and record data as a snapshot in time to use it for documentation of the application.

Data management done right

Agro Link relieves you of the data management burden by collecting, integrating and storing agronomic files—so you can focus on more important tasks.

  • Save time and effort by consolidating current and historic agronomic data into a single location and file type, easily converting ISO XML files to shapefiles or vice versa.
  • Simplify data sharing with trusted advisors to help your operations run more efficiently.
  • Move data between cloud storage, equipment telematics and your FMIS. IMG AgroLink
  • Securely store and transfer data in one unified file type on your computer or mobile device. 
  •  API-connected partners give AgroLink flexibility to collaborate with independent systems; partners include: MyJohnDeere, Case AFS Connect, New Holland PLM Connect, Ag Leader AgFiniti, Raven Slingshot, AgBridge, Climate Fieldview, Farmmobile, Beck’s Farm Server, and more

Connected performance perfected

Take the guesswork out of machine optimization with AGCO Connect. Track individual and fleet performance and know where, how and when you can make the most of your machines.

  • Proactive service scheduling improves uptime and machine servicing through remote-monitoring capabilities.
  • Improves dealer support efficiency and reduces downtime.
  • Easily track key operational data, such as machine information, coverage maps and data visualization with the SmartConnect TM app on any compatible smart device.
  •  Premium dashboard includes a histogram that provides a live 60-minute review of critical machine data.
  • A customizable widget can be set up to suit the operator’s needs with up to four screen layouts. 
  • The AGCO connectivity module (ACM) includes a five-year subscription.
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