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ID # 26649704

Horst Wagons SHCF45

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Swather Draper Heads (4 Wheel Steer)

Accepts Agco, Challenger, Hesston, MacDon and Massey Ferguson brands only
  • Notched rail for easy header placement
  • Tapered roller bearings on king pins for absolute no sway trailing
  • Includes 2 tool free configurable swather universal mount brackets with pivoting head supports (fold out of the way during loading and unloading)
  • 2 Ratchet straps to secure load
  • 4 Wheel steering
  • Adjustable top rail
  • Safety chain
  • Double spring balancer
  • Length adjustable hitch with auto lock for simple hook up
  • 20.5 x 8-10 (F Range) tire on 10 x 6 x 6 rim
Sale Type
Safety Chain
Approx. Weight
2,795 lbs.. (less rims and tires)
Top Rail Length
Bridged Top Rail
Maximum Head Size
Tongue Length (Adjustable)
11' 4" to 14' 4"
Maximum Rated Gross Capacity
6,600 lbs.
LK30 Road Signal Light Kit (30' wheelbase)
rim & tire sizes
Tire Size Description GVWR Rim Size
20.5 x 8-10 Load Range F 6,600 lbs. 10 x 6 x 6
Horst Wagons SHCF45 Adjustable Rail
The adjustable top rail ensures our wagons can fit most sizes and models of combine heads.
Horst Wagons SHCF45 Ratchet Straps
These heavy duty ratchet straps are re-positionable to match the best possible strapping location for your head. Because they are free floating they are a snap to release.
Horst Wagons SHCF45 Road Flex Suspension (Patented)
Contour Cross Country builds on the proven Contour 4 wheel steer platform by adding 4 wheel independent Road Flex suspension. This patented innovation not only smooths out bumps, it gives added clearance when turning adding even more protection for your head.
Horst Wagons SHCF45 Tapered Roller Bearings
Roller bearings are used in your main pivot points keeping them tight, ensuring no trailer sway and long lasting use.
Horst Wagons SHCF45 Fenders
Add even more protection for your head and tow vehicle with these optional fenders. These corrosion and dent resistant fenders prevent dirt and stones being thrown at your head and tow vehicle.

Horst Wagons SHCF45 Reinforced Bottom Rail
The Reinforced bottom rail comes standard on 24ft & 30ft wheelbase standard on CHC36, CHCF, CHCFE & CHCFRF
A heavy duty bottom rail option is available for select models.

Horst Wagons SHCF45 Quick Release
The quick release header mount makes repositioning the header mount easy. Simply lower the over-centre locking handles, reposition the mount and relock the mount.
Horst Wagons SHCF45 Brakes
Contour Cross Country features standard four electric drum brakes, to give you more control and confidence when transporting your head from field to field. Contour CHCFE come standard with 2 rear brakes.

Horst Wagons SHCF45 Improved Steering
Horst Header Wagons feature an improved steering system that provides tighter steering when following the tow vehicle and prevents bent tongues.

Horst Wagons SHCF45 Wheels
Contour Cross Country comes standard with Highway rated tires to make sure you are not trailing behind.

Horst Wagons SHCF45 Road Signal Light Kit
Make road travel safer by adding the road signal light kit which includes brake, turning and hazard lights.
The Contour Cross Country models come standard equipped with rear signal and side running lights on fenders and rails.

Horst Wagons SHCF45 Tongue
Adjustable Hitch with auto lock for simple hookup.
Double spring balancer is standard equipment on all models except CHC series.
Single or double spring balancer option available for CHC series.