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Massey Ferguson MFPW

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Straighforward. Dependable. Accurate.

In farming, timing is everything. Massey Ferguson® Planters are part of a long tradition of accurate planting with minimal downtime, wear or required maintenance. That means you can make the most of your time and get your best yields.

Sale Type
Massey Ferguson
Positive Air
Row Spacing
Hopper Capacity Seed Hopper Bu (L)
2 or 3 (70 or 106)
key benefits

Massey Ferguson MFPWManage Every Row Individually, in Real Time

The row unit on Massey Ferguson Planters can be factory-equipped with options from Precision Planting, including vSet2 meters, vDrive® and DeltaForce®.

Massey Ferguson MFPWLarger Capacity

Massey Ferguson Planters feature individual row unit hoppers or a central fill system of up to 90 bushels, with liquid fertilizer and insecticide options available as well.

Massey Ferguson MFPWHeads Up Row Unit

This row unit, based on the proven design from White Planters, features enhanced accuracy and longevity while allowing for easy Precision Planting add-ons, such as SpeedTube™.


Massey Ferguson MFPWMonitor

High-definition data enables high-impact decisions. The 20|20® monitor provides an advanced agronomic picture. Visualize performance and field conditions in real time with a smart, intuitive interface.

Massey Ferguson MFPWDeltaForce

DeltaForce features hydraulic cylinders and load cells that measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels, following a weight set by the operator. This assists with even planting depth across your fields.

Massey Ferguson MFPWvSet2

vSet2 with vDrive provides perfect singulation. This system gives you 99% singulation accuracy in corn and soybeans without adjustments to vacuum, seed disk or singulator.

Massey Ferguson MFPWSpeedTube

SpeedTube combines with other systems from Precision Planting to create a high-speed planting system that ensures that as you speed up, yield potential is not going down.

Massey Ferguson MFPWSRM3 Single Row Module

The SRM3 and CAN Extension Hub enable plug and play additions of Precision Planting’s most popular products, such as SmartFirmer, FlowSense, Conceal, FurrowForce® and others.