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Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

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A New Era for Straightforward and Dependable tractors from Massey Ferguson

We began the MF 8S project with a blank page. At the heart of it was the global ‘Voice of the Customer’ study; an in-depth, one-to-one interview with customers and operators in several countries across the globe.

Key feedback from you, the customer, underlined the need for comfort, ease of use, value for money, excellent reliability, intuitive and convenient controls, efficiency transmitting maximum power to the ground, 100% connectivity and the ability to work with the most demanding implements.

It was an exciting and inspirational project for all those involved and an opportunity to build on Massey Ferguson’s strong heritage of straightforward, dependable machines.

The result: a Massey Ferguson tractor for a new era. The MF 8S.

MF 8S.205
Sale Type
Massey Ferguson
MF 8S.205
All-in-One Stage V
Lift Capacity (LB)
key benefits

Efficient drive-lines bring higher productivity and efficiency Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

Dyna E-Power dual clutch transmission offers speed change with first class comfort. This transmission comes with Engine Power Management to deliver more power when it’s needed most. Perfect engine/transmission combinations provide maximum output and more power efficiency reducing power loss by up to 26%.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205Low cost of operation

Engine efficiency - max power and torque at low engine revs cuts fuel consumption by 10% and reduces noise level. This engine is compliant with Tier 4 Final emissions using the compact All-in-One (DOC+SCR+SC) after-treatment system. Unique All-In-one after Treatment for the best visibility and minimum maintenance. Easy access to daily maintenance. MFCare Repair and maintenance contract schemes.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205The next level of space, comfort, ergonomy and connectivity

The quietest cab on the market with a noise level of only 68dB offering 360° visibility. Cab and front axle suspension improves driving comfort while the new MF vDisplay Digital dashboard provides all needed information at a glance. The new armrest offers best in class control of all the tractor’s operations.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205Ability to work faster with the most demanding implements

Up to five spool valves to the rear and three to the front, including front linkage, and Power Beyond installation, plus a high lift capacity hitch. The hydraulic system offers the ability to work faster with the widest implements while increasing versatility.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205Straightforward, smart, sustainable farming technologies

New Datatronic 5 and optional Fieldstar 5 terminal provide the latest user friendly precision farming package.


Engine Power Management - 20 HP BoostMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

These tractors have the considerable benefit of Engine Power Management (EPM), which gives the capability of up to a 20 hp-plus power boost, plus extra torque, whenever that bit extra is needed.

MF 8S EnginesMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The AGCO Power 6-cylinder / 7.4 liter engine is compliant with Tier 4 Final emissions and delivers more power, torque, and performance at low rpm reducing operating costs.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205All-in-One Stage V Engines

These comply with strict Stage V emission regulations using Massey Ferguson’s award-winning "All-in-One" system, which includes a straightforward soot catalyst.


Suspended Front AxleMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The tractors retain the well-proven standard suspended front axle. Offering a tight 18.7 ft turning radius. Now equipped with suspension lock, it also equipped with brakes for tractors fitted with all 31 MPH transmissions.

Neo-Retro DesignMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The striking ‘neo-retro’ design pays tribute to the brand’s heritage, illustrated by a new interpretation of the iconic MF grey saber stripe on the side and horse head collar motif on the hood, which dates back to the MF 100 series.

Control Center ArmrestMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The new Control Center armrest fitted with the latest easy-to-use MultiPad lever provides complete fingertip control. This ISOBUS compatible lever operates all the tractor functions and includes an integral micro-joystick to control two spool valves.

MF 8S Deluxe PackageMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The Deluxe specification is a comprehensive package providing operators with exceptional comfort and ease of use as well as genuine performance enhancing features to increase productivity and efficiency.

Protect-U DesignMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The distinctive Protect-U design completely insulates the cab from noise, heat, and vibrations. With noise levels of just 68dB, it is one of the quietest in the market and, with an interior volume of 3.4m³, it is also one of the most spacious.


WheelbaseMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205


Massey Ferguson MF 8S Series tractors are built on a 10 foot wheelbase that provides stability and improves traction when working with wide, demanding implements, offering up to nearly 10% more traction power.


Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

All models come with variable speed PTO as standard. Operators can select the right speed for power or economy.

Optional Hydraulic SystemsMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

A 54 gal/min flow is an option, which can also be supplied as an ECO version, generating the flow at 1,650rpm (230l/min at max at rated engine speed). Up to five electronic rear spool valves can be specified.

Load-Sensing Hydraulic SystemMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

A 39 GPM CCLS hydraulic system is an option with a 29 GPM CCLS pump being standard, providing 36 percent more flow compared with previous series.

Linkage CapacityMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

Three-point linkage capacity is increased by 7% to 22,000 lbs and, with powerful new hydraulics, these tractors handle and operate large, wider implements.

Front Linkage OptionMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

A new 10,580 lbs. capacity front linkage option, fully integrated into the tractor, comes with the option of an ISOBUS socket.

farm management

MF Section Control Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

With the fully automatic Section Control for ISOBUS implements, operators can apply seeds, fertilizer or Crop protection products without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and areas worked outside of the field edges.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205MF TaskDoc

The MF TaskDoc system has a real place in the future of agriculture, helping farmers to become more productive through the knowledge brought by putting precision-measured data at the business owner’s fingertips.

Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205MF Guide

MF Guide is Massey Ferguson’s full-featured, hands-free steering system, available on new tractors or as an after-market installation. It is capable of delivering precise, high-accuracy movement, increasing the efficiency of your farming.

Datatronic 5 Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

At the heart of the system is the intuitive Datatronic 5, touch-screen terminal, this does not only manage the tractor functions, but it allows a complete control of all ISOBUS compatible implements.

Fieldstar 5 Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

An optional Fieldstar 5 terminal can be used to manage all of the relevant MF Technologies. It now also records the field boundaries and provides automatic field detection.

MF vDisplayMassey Ferguson MF 8S.205

The MF vDisplay digital dashboard shows all the tractor information at a glance. Easy to read and with intuitive operation, its clear display can be personalised and changed by simply scrolling through settings with a rotary knob by the steering wheel.

Antenna Rail Massey Ferguson MF 8S.205

A new antenna rail, positioned at the front of the cab, enables easy mounting of a choice of GPS receivers up to RTK precision. For security and risk avoidance, the antenna is locked in place with a key as standard.