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Gleaner 3200 Series Corn Heads

Call for Price

Providing options for your operation
Every operation is different, with different needs, and different crops. The 3200 Series corn headers are introduced to ensure that there is a solution for your operation to meet your specific needs. The 3200 Series is designed to provide industry-leading technology in the 6-row and 12-row folding segments for Gleaner combines.

3200 Series Corn Heads
Sale Type
Model Row Spacing Rows Chopper Folding Weight lbs (kg)
3206 30" 6 No No 4,570 (2,073)
3206C 30" 6 Yes No 4.808 (2,180)
3212F 30" 12 No Yes 9,162 (4,156)
3212FC 30" 12 Yes Yes 9,634 (4,370)

Quick and Easy Transport
The 12-row corn head features a folding mechanism which allows the operator to reduce to width of the head to transport from field to field without detaching the corn head. This folding mechanism is activated conveniently from the cab and reduces the amount of time in between fields, resulting in more productivity.

Residue Management
All 3200 Series corn heads feature 8 knife stalk rolls for shorter stalk lengths. Both the 6 and 12-row folding 3200 Series corn head provides the option for chopping to ensure quality residue management and less trash ingestion into the combine.